About Wandering Bear cold brew

What is cold brew iced coffee?

What makes Wandering Bear cold brew better?

Do I need to dilute Wandering Bear cold brew with milk or water?

Do I need to keep my box of Wandering Bear cold?

How long does Wandering Bear cold brew last in the fridge?

How much caffeine is in Wandering Bear cold brew?

What beans do you use in Wandering Bear cold brew?

Can I recycle the Wandering Bear box?

Can I get your coffee outside of NYC? Do you ship internationally?


Always fresh & on tap.

Our goal was pretty simple: give you the best possible cold brew coffee in the most convenient way. So, we made a decadently bold, surprisingly smooth coffee. Then we put it on tap in a box that keeps it fresh (even after opening!) and fits right in your fridge. We think it’s going to be your go-to.

The Details:

  • Please keep refrigerated

  • 25 mg caffeine per ounce (about twice as much as hot coffee)

  • Separate bag and box to recycle

  • Stays fresh even when open —guaranteed fresh until the date on the box!

  • Only Fair Trade certified, organic coffee here. And no sugar, ever!

Never miss your morning coffee

We ship fresh every week. All orders received by Sunday night will be shipped out on the next Tuesday, and you should expect to receive your order by Thursday.