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May 2015

Everyone’s talking about cold brew: Iced coffee startup Wandering Bear shows us why

From the beginning, the duo wanted to do things differently. “We felt this need as consumers; we approached the business from the perspective of coffee drinkers and enthusiasts.”   READ MORE>>


May 2015

Five New Ways You’re Gonna Drink Iced Coffee This Summer

Finally, there's Wandering Bear Coffee the first company to put its fresh-roasted cold brew in boxes (à la Franzia wine), making mass quantities of iced coffee just a walk to your fridge and a spigot push away.  READ MORE>>
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May 2015

Now you can have cold brew fresh on tap in your own refrigerator

And instead of packing it in tiny single-serving bottles, they put it in an eco-friendly box that will fill 16 cups, and use a FlexTap dispenser to keep the dark stuff fresh for up to a month.  READ MORE>>


May 2015

Wandering Bear’s Coffee in a Box Is a Breakthrough in Cold Brew

Can an upstart coffee company which specializes purely in boxed cold-brew coffee offering the convenience of Franzia (in dispenser only), compete with all the other entrants in this increasingly crowded, yet growing, field?  READ MORE>>


May 2015

Minimal Product Design for Maximum Insights

Matt and Ben shared affinity for home-brewed cold coffee. Like scientists, they tested several variations of beans and brewing until they achieved their envisioned flavor profile.  READ MORE>>


August 2014

Think Inside the Box. Get cold-brew coffee delivered to your office

Plead with your office manager to put Wandering Bear cold brew in the budget. The new coffee brand is pimping out offices across Manhattan with artisanal cold brew, packaged boxed-wine-style.  READ MORE>>


June 2014

Is Cold Brew Coffee In A Box The Single Greatest Invention Of Mankind Ever?

New York City based startup Wandering Bear Coffee takes their cold brew coffee and puts it in a box with a spigot a la the fancier varieties of wine in cardboard containers. It’s about time someone figured this out.  READ MORE>>