Welcome to Wandering Bear, the next best part of your day.

This is cold brew for coffee lovers who are looking to lead a life unhibernated.

We keep things simple. Our coffee comes in boxes because that’s the best way to keep our brew fresh and “on-tap” when you need it. Our coffee is strong, because nothing great ever started with a weak cup. Our coffee is organic because we believe in quality from inception.

Compromise is good. Just not when it comes to coffee. Caffeinate uncompromised. Live unhibernated.

Our story

Our story is simple. We were in grad school, surviving off debt and caffeine, when all of the sudden the coffee stopped working. So in 2013, we set out to make something different, something stronger, something better.  

We had both been making cold brew at home for a while and started taste-testing each other’s recipes in class. This is how Wandering Bear was born. Our coffee has always been strong. It’s always been smooth. And we were the first to put it on tap in a box.

The company has grown quite a bit since then. Today you can find our cold brew in thousands of stores, offices, and homes across the country. But as much as we’ve grown, our promise remains the same:

Strong, delicious coffee, simply packaged, with personality.


Our cold brew is like the perfect S/O: smooth, strong, and rich. The extra TLC we put into our brewing process gives our coffee a surprisingly smooth finish, putting your bitter bodega iced coffee to shame. Plus, it has roughly twice the amount of caffeine as a regular cup of joe. We believe that when you buy ready-to-drink coffee, it should be, you know, ready to drink, so our brew isn't a concentrate: just pour and enjoy, no morning mixology required. We use organic Arabica beans from central Peru, and our products are all-trend-certified: Paleo, Keto, vegan, Beyonce-diet, etc.

Signed, sealed, delivered.

As the first company to make boxed cold brew, we've had plenty of time to perfect the bag-in-box format: our packaging is 100% recyclable, and keeps the coffee fresher, for longer. Our stay-fresh bag keeps your brew safe from the elements even after opening (sorry, light and air, we don't have time for your drama). Now, we've expanded from the boxed options to on-the-go single serve cartons, which are also recyclable, phenomenal at preserving flavor, and (bonus!) resealable: no more trying to balance an open can on the subway.